About Us

About Stark and Loco

Stark & Loco stems from the words stark representing clear, simple & concise; whilst loco defines crazy and wild, but we’d also like think it’s a short form of locomotion. As a company that focus on marketing ideas, we understand the importance of getting the right message across to the right parties.

At Stark & Loco we believe that we have been imbued with the blessings from the pantheon of events gods. Born from the merger of tiny ideas from the minds of events organisers Theresa & Jeff, Stark & Loco seeks out challenges and face them with effective solutions.

We aim in our best endeavours to achieve sustainable marketing goals for your products and vision. In knowing and understanding the basic needs of the consumer, helping them realise their consumption desires and directing their attention into your path is something we are focused on producing every time, all the time.

Be it a new product, a refurbished brand, a hot fad, to a simple idea, Stark & Loco is here to maximise it’s marketing potential with the conceptualisation of new age strategies with well founded tactics of the past.

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